Mark Haggard directed follow-up to very popular ALL-AMERICAN GIRL again. This is a cliché, but these soft-X films really do tend to be sexier than most hardcore movies. "Jean McCarey is The All-American Woman... ultra-neurotic, borderline frigid, borderline nympho, fantasy-ridden, gender-confused, crypto-lesbian, quasi-incestuous, rabidly masturbatory, and as-American-as-apple-pie young lady who's looking to get laid by "a real man" for the first time in her life. It just so happens that the man is her brother-in-law, Frank...

Bruce had this to say about working on The All American Woman

The All American Woman was made by Nudie Musical's "co-director" Mark Haggard just prior to our movie.  It was a soft core something-or-other.  Very little nudity even by today's standards.  I basically wrote a piano only score - I don't remember it all that well.  I watched the film, wrote a few themes, recorded it, and that was the end of my involvement.