The Plot for the 1st Pilot  Aired April 24, 1976

Producer and Director: William Asher

Writer: Ed Jurist

The Cast

Liberty Williams played Tabitha•Bruce Kimmel played Adam•Archie Hahn played Cliff

In the pilot episode the name was spelled as "Tabatha" instead of Tabitha

The pilot episode, a spinoff from "Bewitched" Liberty Williams played a now grown up 24 year old Tabatha. She lived in San Francisco and worked as an editorial assistant for the fashionable Trend Magazine. She attempts to deal with all the problems of her business and social worlds like trying to tell her boyfriend Cliff that she is a witch. In this first pilot Tabatha's brother Adam is a warlock with his powers and is played by Bruce Kimmel. He tries to convince his sister to use her powers and have fun. In the subsequent series Adam is a mortal. Barbara Cason plays Roberta the editor of Trend Magazine and Cindi Haynie plays a magazine writer.

Bruce had this to say:

Tabitha – I did the first pilot, playing Adam, her brother. I was the first person they cast (the director was William Asher, who’d created Bewitched) and I got to test with all the potential Tabitha candidates. The one they ended up with, Liberty (Louise) Williams, was not really right for the role (the studio was in their “Rhoda” mode) – they passed on the likes of Susan Dey and some other pretty big names. We shot a lot of it in San Francisco and I had a blast because in the original pilot Tabitha didn’t want to be a witch, and Adam got to do all the fun witch stuff. I do remember shooting at Columbia the day the Variety and Reporter reviews of Nudie Musical came out – they were hideous and devastating, but there I was, starring in an ABC pilot, which made it better. Then the reviews started coming in from around the country and they were all raves, so go know. In any case, the pilot wasn’t picked up. Months later, I was offered another pilot, the second lead (with Michael Burns) – I mean “offered” – I didn’t have to read or anything – they ran Nudie Musical and hired me. I was about to start shooting that when word came down that they were doing a second Tabitha pilot, but I was already committed to this other one and couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t you know that was the one that sold. And, as irony would have it, I got the chicken pox just as filming on the new pilot began, and I had a horrid case of it – the producers moved all my scenes to the end of the shoot, but ultimately I didn’t clear up in time and they finally replaced me. I truly believe had I done it would have sold because Burns and I (we’d already done one pilot together) had really good chemistry. To wrap up the story with a pretty pink ribbon – fast forward, I’m working on Totally Hidden Video. I’m in my second year on the show – we’ve just started the third season. I walk over to the main office to meet the new writers, and one of them is David Ankrum, who played Adam in the revamped Tabitha pilot and series. What are the chances of that – both Adams working on a television show together?

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